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            The Buldana district of Western Vidarbha Zone of Maharashtra State is located between 190, 51” to 210, 17” of North Latitude while 750, 57” to 760, 49” of Eastern Longitude and situated 305 m above mean sea level.. It is surrounded by Akola and Washim districts in the East, Jalgaon districts in the West, Parbhani and Jalna districts in the South and Nimad district of Madhya Pradesh in the North.

            Cotton and Soybean are the major cash crops grown in all the 13 Tehsils of the district. The district has only 9% irrigation potential and hence cotton is predominantly grown under rainfed conditions. The district comes under assured rainfall area of VIIth Agro climatic Zone with average annual rainfall of 712.9 mm (52 rainy days) mostly received during June to September months from the south west monsoon rains.

            The soils of the district are 37% light (7.5 – 25 cm i.e. Entisol), 36% medium (26-50 cm i.e. Inceptisol) and 27% black cotton soils (51 – 100 cm i.e. Vertisol).