With pulse production growing day by day in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state. Keeping this in point of view of small farmers, PKV Mini Dal Mill, which is a compact mini dal mill with all essential operations, has been developed at Dr. PDKV, Akola. This dal mill is compact in size its construction is simple and very easy to handle. This consists of vertical grinding stones that are used for the splitting of pulses. The shelled dal is passed through grinding stone with the help of hopper. The stones are provided with various sizes of lines for different dals being processed.. Due to lower cost and space economy, it is beneficial for small scale processors and also the expenditure is low with higher dal recovery compared to commercial dal mills at rural level. Similarly, to the degree of 3.7 per cent, it can save transport and handling losses. It is possible to process the pulses at home with the use of this PKV Mini Dal Mill, which can operate for 150-250 days per year with 72-75 percent dal recovery for redgrammes, 80-82 percent dal recovery for green grammes and black grammes. Its capacity for processing is 10 qt. Red grammes and 12 qt per day for green grammes and black grammes. This mill can also produce 3-4% more dal regeneration than the mega dal mills. Such processing is possible through the use of “PKV Mini Dal Mill Plant.