FLD 2022-23

TitleTechnology AssessNo. of FarmersArea (ha.)
Introduction of new variety of soybean ams-1001AMS-1001  5020
Introduction of new variety safflower pdkv-pinkPDKV-pink  5020
Introduction of new variety Pigeon PeaBDN-716  5020
Introduction of new variety Pigeon PeaPDKV- Kanchan  5020
Use of improved variety of Drumstick PKM-1Drumstick PKM-15.213
Use of sulphur @ 30 kg/ha with RDF to improve yield of onionUse of sulphur @ 30 kg/ha with RDF135.2
Management of Soybean Stem Fly and Girdle BeetleApplication of Ethion 50 EC followed       by Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC135.2
Management of Cotton Pink BollwormFor effective managment of  pink bollworm on cotton, six releases of Trichogrammatodia  bactrae @ 1 lakh eggs/ha at an interval of 10 days, starting from 55 days of crop germination  135.2
Expansion of area under hybrid Napier DHN-10 variety for fodder production  Hybrid Napier DHN-10200.10
Supplementation of mineral lick blocks to local Cows  Mineral lick blocks10
Sowing of Soybean On BBFDr PDKV BBF Planter156
Use of Self-propelled Reaper for Harvesting of SoybeanSoybean reaper156
Nutrition GardenSeeds & seedlings of various vegetable & fruit seedlings200.10
Backyard poultry keeping for family NutritionGiriraj birds (8+2) 10