OFT 2022-23

TitleTechnology AssessNo. of FarmersArea (ha.)
Use of Pre and Post emergence herbicide in MaizeUse  of pre-emergence Atrazine 0.50 kg a.i. /ha and Tembotrione 0.120 kg a.i./ha PoE at 30 DAS136
Application of 15 PPM GA3 90% a.i. @ 8.3 g/ha in chickpea for higher productionApplication of 15 PPM GA3 90% a.i. @ 8.3 g/ha at flowering and pod development stages of  chickpea136
Assessment on application of azotobacter in onion for yield and qualityRDF (100:50:50 kg NPK/ha) and  Azotobacter 5kg + 75 kg N + 50 kg P + 50 kg (per ha)072.1
Assessment of performance of  Tomato varieties recommended by IIHR, BangaloreCultivar Arka Rakshak and  Arka Samrat072.1
Management of Pigeonpea wiltSeed treatment with combine product of fungicide Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5% @ 3 g per kg seed,135.2
Management of Chick pea wiltSeed treatment of Carboxin + Thiram@3 gm and Trichoderma 10 gm per kg seed and Soil application of Trichoderma 5 kg/ha 10 days before sowing135.2
Supplementation 3 % linseed oil in the poultry feedBIS standard feed + 3% linseed oil13
Supplementation of probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)  in HeiferProbiotic powd. @ 20 g/heifer/day  X  60 days13
Assessment of  Dr PDKV Onion Seed ExtractorDr PDKV Onion Seed Extractor13
Assessment of Dr. PDKV Red Chilly Seed ExtractorDr. PDKV Red Chilly Seed Extractor13
Assessment of the nutritional & health status of the farm family adopted under Farming system for nutrition approach modelFarming system for nutrition approach model / intercropping  -Bio-fortified seed of various millets Legumes, Oilseed, vegetable seed & seedlings Fruit plantation, poultry birds13
Assessment of  heat treatment in improving the shelf life of pearl millet flour-Bajara Dry heat treatment before milling And Blanching of seeds before milling13